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Do you ever get a little jealous of what people find out junkin, pickin and thriftin? Surely it’s not just me! While I can be jealous of what you find, I’m sure some of you will be jealous of my recent antique finds too! So check out my recent Show & Tell.

I have to go to Des Moines, Iowa every month because my husband’s favorite barber works there and my husband loves a nice haircut! But, with 3 kids in sports and Des Moines being the place for medical specialists, I’m there even more than once a month!

Every time I’m in town I try to make a few stops at antique stores, flea market stores, or thrift stores. And of course I always come home with something. Some trips are better than others, but the longer I sell junk, the picker I am about what I buy. I realize a couple important things, that I talk about HERE. One being that I DO NOT have time to craft something. I can sell it to someone else to do, but I personally will have it sit in the to do pile for FOREVER! So for that reason it’s best not to buy things that require work!

If I do craft, it’s probably using something I already have or something SUPER easy like THIS or THIS!

I’ve also found that it doesn’t matter if I actually know what the piece is or originally was used for. I buy things that I’m drawn to and will probably decorate with it in a new and unusual way anyway, so the history of the piece is not that important to me!

What about you? Do you finish those project/craft pieces? Or are you like me and they are all piled up waiting for you to have time to get to them!

Want to see more of my recent antique finds? Great! I will be sharing more soon!

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  1. Yes! My to-do project pile in the corner of the garage has carried me through the pandemic. I’m trying really really hard for that corner to hold only 2-3 project pieces. That’s my weakness: a great piece of furniture priced cheap because it needs a little TLC. Really hard to pass up!

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