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Are you thinking about selling antiques?  Are you on your way to opening your own antique shop? Do you want to be successful and actually make money? Then the Staging Your Antique Shop group is for you.

My journey as an antique dealer started slowly.  I was teaching at the time, so I started with a booth.  One booth turned into multiple booths, turned into multiple locations, while I was also setting up all over the midwest at antique shows. I hosted barn sales and started the Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt.  Eventually I convinced my husband to let me quit teaching and open my own brick and mortar.

During all of this I learned by doing.  I learned by talking to other, more experienced dealers.  I learned by hiring a business coach. I learned by trying new things, taking risks, and doing things that scared me. 

As an antique dealer, there aren’t a lot of classes or programs to help you be a modern antique dealer.  At least not that I could find starting out. How to be a successful antique dealer is different today than it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

A group of antique dealers looking to grow their business.

So much of selling antiques is visual.  As antique dealers we need to be able to inspire customers to use antiques in their homes.  We need to be able to give them ideas on how to repurpose old items, junk, and use those things in their homes as home decor.  

Antique dealers need to educate customers on mixing and matching old and new items in their homes.

Dealers need to have visually pleasing displays to stop them from scrolling on social media to look at our vignettes and discover our shops, so that they will want to become customers.

Antique shops need good staging, good visuals, and good photos to capture our audience in their busy lives and get them to buy from us.

If you are an antique dealer then this group is for you.

That is why I created the Staging Your Antique Shop group.  I don’t want you to have to wait years to grow your business.  If I had known what I know now when I started, my life would have been a lot less stressful! Learn more about the group HERE.

The cart is open on March 3-7, 2020.  Sign-up HERE.

Some of the details… You will have a lesson each week that is about an hour long.  This lesson is split up into two parts. The first part is normally on a topic like inventory, picking, spotting trends, using social media, buying display pieces, dealing with customers, etc.  The second part is me staging an area and walking you through how and why. I try to verbalize the thoughts in my mind, explaining why I put things where I do.

Sometimes we have guest speakers. And, I occasionally give you homework assignments. You can network with others in the group and have access to previous lessons.

Here’s what my students are saying…

What are you waiting for?  Lets improve your staging and grow your business.

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