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If you are looking for a way to get more Christmas trees in your home, this project is for you. When I first planned on making the stick Christmas tree, I also planned on making some with little pieces of architectural salvage. But, like a lot of things, that didn’t happen. So, next year I will be repeating this process with little spindles and legs!

Pick a Base

The first task was to figure out a base for my trees. I know a lot of people make their own, but I wanted to save my time and energy by using something that I already had. That’s when I remembered I had saved the base to a Willow Tree angel that had broken.

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Sometimes it’s good to save things you “might use one day.” I really am working at not being that person, because I don’t like clutter. But, this time it worked out nicely.

I also have quite a few oil cans and they looked like they would also make great bases for my trees.

Prep your Sticks

Now that I had a few base options, I decided to take some of my tree trimmings from when I decorated my Vintage Truck. I cut them down so that they would look proportional to my angel base. I still had some red twigs left over from my Winter Planter Pots. So I cut those down to fit the oil can base.

First I laid out the twigs in ascending order, trimming as needed. Then I found a drill bit that would fit the twigs. For the oil can, the hole that I could drill in through the red twigs, was not big enough to thread down the oil can spout. So I had to improvise by adding wire into the spout. That gave me something skinny enough to go through the twigs.

Because the twigs for the angel base were larger, I used a larger bit to drill holes in those. I couldn’t go too big because I wanted the twigs to hold their position on the pole. If you happened to drill the holes to big, or if they just were slipping, you could add a dallop of hot glue to hold them in place on the pole.

Now you can make another Christmas forest in your home. You could even mix it up by adding some of the Paper Stack Trees.

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