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Super Easy DIY Burlap Garland

My house has been on the local Christmas Home Tour. And when that happened, I had a uniquely decorated tree in every room. For one tree we added this super easy DIY burlap garland. It was our cowboy tree.

At the time a friend made it for me, but I had recently purchased some large upholstery needles and knew that was wanted I needed to do them myself! I also just happened to have a few rolls of burlap ribbon lying around. I bought it awhile ago thinking I’d do something with it and now years later, I finally have!

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It’s so simple. Find twine that will thread into your large needle and then run that threw the burlap ribbon. If you had large pieces of burlap, you could even cut those down into strips for this super easy DIY burlap garland.

Interested in more from the 25 Days of Christmas series? Use this burlap ribbon to make Primitive Candy Canes. And for another super easy DIY, make Paper Stack Trees.

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