The Junk Parlor

I highly recommend this group to anyone from new wanna-be antique dealers to experienced shop owners!

If you have a shop or a booth, or if you setup at shows, YOU NEED THIS GROUP!  I joined the group hoping for a couple useful tips and tricks, I had no idea Brooke would give us so much valuable information that I can immediately put into practice.  I always wondered why some shops felt busy & cluttered, and some shops were just as full but they were way more inviting and pleasing.  Brooke shows exactly how to use color, repetition and a theme to put together eye-catching vignettes and displays. She gave us suggestions on how to layout your shop/booth/table to encourage customers to look closer and spend more time in your shop. From finding and picking your items, to posting on social media, Brooke is willing to share from her experience what works and doesn’t work.