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Twine Carrots – DIY Easter Decor

I know I tend to think out of the box when it comes to repurposing junk, yet when it comes to my own home decor I prefer to go a little safer and choose neutral items. In fact, I do not do a lot of seasonal decorating, but I wanted to do something fun for spring. I have a lot of twine in my stash…definitely a neutral color… and decided to come up with something for spring using that!

Click on the button below to watch me create these twine carrots.

Tools and Materials

To create these twine carrots, you’ll need:

2 pack of cones at the thrift store

Keep your eyes out when you go thrifting because I find these cones a lot. Sometimes they are opened and a little worse for wear and other times, they are still in the original package like these!

Not only do cones or unicorn horns come in all widths, but you can also get jumbo ones too!

big styrofoam cone
close of up green stem

You can also make carrot tops out of lots of stems you see at the thrift store! This one might seem to big and full, but all you need to do is cut off a few individual stems! And I keep a lot of faux greenery on hand. If you do too, then you might also notice random pieces loose in the bottom of your storage tote. Grab those remnants to use for carrot tops too!!

Let’s create these twine carrots

I decided I wanted to try to make carrots, but what could I wrap the twine around? I had some styrofoam cones in my stash and I thought I could make them work as a carrot. I think most people typically use them for Christmas trees, but I thought if I took an X-Acto knife and shaved them down a bit I could make them look like a carrot. So I shaved a bit off of both ends to help it take more of a carrot shape.

After I made a couple carrots I found myself in the craft section at Walmart where I discovered Styrofoam unicorn horns. I thought they looked like they could make a good carrot as well. My vision continued to evolve as I continued this project, and I tried out different sizes of twine. I have videos showing the results with both thinner and thicker twine. As you can see, the larger twine goes on faster which can obviously be a plus. Because you can make more carrots in less time than it takes to use the smaller twine.

wrapped styrofoam forms with twine...2 shapes

The next step was to create realistic tops or ends.  I have some stems and floral greenery on hand, so I picked one that I thought would make a great end and used wire cutters to cut those the right size. I was very happy with how the carrot tops turned out. Really anything you have lying around would make a good carrot stem.  The only issue I really had was that the wire on the stem was not strong enough to stick into the Styrofoam. So, I had to stab the Styrofoam with a leather punch to give myself a little bit of a hole to stick the stem into. I also glued them.

completed twine wrapped carrots

WATCH ME on YouTube

Here is the finished product!

You could style your carrots in so many ways! In a dough bowl with foilage, tied together in a bundle in your spring vignette or even take a bundle of 3 and hang them on a wreath. Another idea is to use colored twine if you wanted to add some color; I could see them being super cute with a ribbon tied around them to create little bundles. There are lots of fun options for this neutral spring decor DIY project.

Twine Carrot - The Junk Parlor Crafts

I also wrapped Easter eggs in twine! And checkout another DIY with carrots HERE. I even did a twine Christmas tree!

Are you inspired to make one? If so, show me how your twine carrots turned out by tagging me on Instagram @TheJunkParlor.

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Twine Carrots in a terra cotta pot

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