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Work smarter, not harder. Recently I listened to a podcast with Jennifer Allwood and a guest about organization in your business. One thing that she said that really resonated with me was that: “one type of person can walk by a sink full of dirty dishes and it doesn’t bother them, and another person can walk by that set of dirty dishes and it can cause a lot of anxiety.” I am definitely the anxiety filled person. I don’t know if I have always been that way. I love for things to have a place, when I don’t make the time to put things in their home, it can stress me out.

Antique Shops are Different

After 7 years of my owning my business, I completely understand the importance of organization. I’m still tweaking what the best organization system is for my business. Running an antique shop is not like running a regular retail business. I can’t shop via catalog, print labels and merchandise the store. When you have an antique shop, you are finding your own merchandise. That can be going to garage sales or auctions or thrift stores.. The pieces often need to be cleaned, painted, or repaired. This takes time, and equipment, and storage, and all of that requires a different kind of organization.  

Getting things organized. thejunkparlor.com

Over the years I have discovered systems that work for me. I’m a big believer that you have to work smarter not harder, especially being a one-woman show trying to thrive in the antique shop world. Time is one of those things that I think all entrepreneurs want more of. You can do so much more in your business if you have more time. The best way to get more time is to be organized.

Work Smarter, Not Harder Series

Stay tuned and join me for the Work Smarter, Not Harder series as I go into detail about organizing different areas of my business! 

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