and The Junk Parlor was created

Back when I decided to go on this adventure of selling junk, one of the first tasks was to create a name.  I asked my mom about it and she mentioned always wanting to have a shop in my dad’s milking parlor. Yes, I grew up on a dairy farm.  When I was in college my dad retired from milking, but continued farming.

I think at this point I’d already thought the name should have junk in it… that’s what I’m selling, junk.  Junk someone didn’t want, junk someone collects, junk someone repurposes, junk rescued from the trash, the scrap yard, junk.  Junk that when displayed becomes beautiful.

So, I married the two together, I thought Junk Parlor had a good ring to it.  Once The Junk Parlor had a name, my adventure started.


Hi, I’m Brooke. Welcome to The Junk Parlor.

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