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Cookie Cutter Display Idea

What do you do when you have a lot of cookie cutters? Here’s what I did! Check out all of my cookie cutter display ideas.

I love multiples of things! Somehow I have accumulated A LOT of vintage aluminum cookie cutters. I sorted them into piles based off of their shape and decided I needed a way to display them!

I’ve seen people drill holes in the cookie cutter and add hooks or ribbon to hang them. They can be hung on the Christmas tree, or off a bottle or jar, literally hung from anywhere! Because mine are vintage and I am selling them, I didn’t really want to get into drilling holes. I have also seen where people use those holes and string the cookie cutters to make a garland. I liked that idea too! Depending on the kind of cookie cutter and if they have a raised handle, you can even string the cookie cutters through the handle and then don’t need a hole.

However, I was looking to do something different. So the cookie cutters sat until the end of December when I came home with some tinker toys.

Using Tinker Toys To Create A Cookie Cutter Display

I have used tinker toys as post card holders. You take one of the round wheel pieces and place a stick in the center. Think about a tire on an axle. Then you put the round wheel piece flat on a surface so that the axle or stick is poking straight up into the air. On the end of the stick piece there are little slits. These little slits hold photographs, post cards, and other ephemera really well! It’s a fun and different way of displaying those types of items.

Once I had made my “stands” it came to me that I should use them for my cookie cutters!

I decided to use hot glue versus another type of glue because hot glue will easily pop off. That way, after I got done displaying my Santa or Christmas cookie cutters, I could pop them off and add some different ones for the next season. Valentine’s Day comes next! If you don’t have hearts, maybe you have star cookie cutters you could use or some other non-holiday specific cutter!

Thanks to a shamrock (clubs) being in a deck of cards you will easily be able to find some cookie cutters to put on display for St. Patricks Day! Then, flowers for spring! See, there will be options for you ever season or holiday!!

Depending on the color of tinker toys you have, you could easily hit them with some spray paint!

Other Cookie Cutter Display Ideas

In addition to hot glueing the cookie cutters to tinker toys, or creating ornaments or garlands with them, you can simply place them in a bowl. The contrast of a white ironstone bowl with aluminum cookie cutters always looks nice.

You can place them in a clear glass candy dish.

Depending on the shape of the cookie cutter and it’s thickness, a lot of cookie cutters will simply stand up on their own!

I’ve also seen them “framed” both in a real frame and a hollow one with chicken wire! I’ve even seen where people will turn their cookie cutters into a wreath! Maybe that should be one of my next DIY’s!

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3 thoughts on “Cookie Cutter Display Idea”

  1. Katherine Denning

    I have a bunch of aluminum cookie cutters. I want to display them where everyone can see them. I like the idea of the corkboard and picture frame. I also want to be able to use them so the tinker toy idea is good but I wouldn’t be able to use them.

    1. Brooke Johnson

      I’ve seen them hooked onto chicken wire. You can add some of that to a frame or window! That would make them easy to take down and put back up!

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