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At the shop I have a lot of moss squares for sale.  These can be used a variety of ways, but I wasn’t having any luck selling them.  So, I decided to do something with them.  Since I’m always changing out my vignettes, I wanted something portable.

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A vignette in front of my moss wall panels.

In my pile of junk I had two green pieces of wood.  I had actually removed them from a homemade drop leaf table.  I liked the size and since they were green I figure that they would be the perfect background for my moss.

the junk parlor, vignette, antiques, shop, moss, wall art, wall decor, gold, feature
A new vignette.

This project was super easy.  I laid out the moss and stapled it onto the boards.  I was then ready to mount it to the wall.  The section of wall I wanted to place it on had a lamp cord in the way.  To remedy that I added wooden spools, which I have tons of, behind the boards to keep the boards off the wall.  Doing this did require some extra long screws, but luckily I had some in my stash.

Here’s a little video showing what I’m trying to explain…CLICK HERE.

vignette, display, antique shop display, moss, wall decor, how to, diy, design
Another vignette.

If you’d like to see how I created this dresser vignette, CLICK HERE.

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