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Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt Fall Edition 2020

Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt Fall Edition

As the coordinator of the Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt, I’m excited to announce that we will proceed with our fall edition October 16-18.  Southern Iowa includes Albia, Centerville, Corydon and the surrounding communities. 

The Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt is an antique event where you use the map to hunt for antiques.  The map includes brick and mortar shops, occasional shops, barn sales and dealers setup at their homes.  You can visit the stops in any order.  We encourage you to visit all of them, but if you are limited on time, you can pick and choose the ones you visit. 

Use the QR Code for an online version of the map.  Maps will also be available at each location.

To pick the stops that would appeal most to you, you might want to check out individual Facebook pages.  You can also see sample photos and a link to those Facebook pages in our Facebook events.  Pictures become available 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event.

Fall Event

Each stop will have a printed map available for free.  The maps the vendors have are 11 x 17 (the map above is a printer friendly version). On the back of this map includes our sponsors.  We are so thankful to have our sponsors financial support and would love for you to stop by their establishments for more shopping, food, and drink.  Nothing says small town like our delicious home cooking and unique shopping.

Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt Fall 2020

In the season of CoVid-19 we ask that shoppers wear masks and practice social distancing. 

We would love to see what you see, do and purchase during the Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt!  Please tag us @southerniowajunkjaunt or share your images to our page.  Thank you so much!

5 thoughts on “Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt Fall Edition 2020”

  1. How can I join this ?
    I own a small wood shop in allerton
    Lazells Woodworks
    Deal a lot with live edge wood …. build custom gun racks, benches , shelves, hall tables, cutting boards…… etc .
    I am in Facebook as well as Etsy

    1. Ken, I am sorry that I am just seeing this! But we normally get our group together 2 months in advance so I have time to get the map ready for print 4 to 6 weeks before the event. If you are interested in next June, please contact me in the beginning of April.

  2. Lisa Banks-Carter

    Brooke, I miss getting signed up we hadn’t decided to jump in until later. There will be some vendors set up in Seymour on the Square on Saturday. The Fire Department is also doing a dinner starting at 10 am also on the Square for the Lewis Family who’s little baby has been diagnosed with several tumors. Maybe if some were hungry they could run through at least to eat and help us help this family.

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