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Antiquing in Oklahoma City

My girlfriend Hilary invited me to go with her to OKC and I said yes! We hit the road and went antiquing in Oklahoma City!

Awhile back Hilary had taken a family vacation with her sister to Texas. On the way, they stayed with one of her followers, Kim. A year or so later Kim invited Hilary out to stay with her and go thrifting and antiquing. While Hilary wanted to go, I don’t think she wanted to drive that far on her own, so she asked me!

Now typically the kids have things going on so I never really do anything with friends. My busy schedule combined with my frugalness means I don’t get out much! But, this time we had a place to stay for free and I didn’t have anything on the calendar. I had no reason not to go!

Plus, Kim and I have talked through social media before and she has even made some purchases from me! It’s always fun to meet people in real life!

Hilary and I hit the road with a little pit stop selfie!

Kim’s House

Kim’s home was absolutely beautiful both inside and out!! And it was so fun to get to know Kim and her family. She has had a wild life moving with the military and SO many amazing experiences! I’d like to think we added to that on this trip! Hint: We had an awesome house tour from a local celebrity!

sitting pool side at kim's house
Kim's beautiful waterfall to her pool

Where We Went

Thrifting & Antiquing in Oklahoma City

EARC Thrift

This thrift store was a new one to me! There are actually 3 in the area. Two are in Edmond and one is in Guthrie. I THINK we went to the one at 92 E. 15th Street, Edmond, OK 73013. Kim said traditionally it is a little high priced, but I really thought it was probably comparable to thrift stores in the Des Moines area. Some items were too high and some were just right!

Selfie at The Rink while antiquing in Oklahoma City

The Rink Gallery

The Rink Gallery 3200 N. Rockwell Ave., Bethany, Oklahoma 73008 was, I’m guessing, an old skating rink turned antique mall. The day we were there they even had some dealers setting up outside! I did buy some canvas portraits from the dealers outside.

My finds from The Rink Gallery while antiquing in Oklahoma City

Decades Revisited

This antique mall was SO ME! While the others were also great places to shop, there was just something about the dealers at Decades that was my style. The booths were beautifully curated and so fun to shop. Decades Revisited 3639 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Coffee table at Decades

I’ve been looking for a round coffee table since we moved and this one really spoke to me! It would be sturdy enough to put our feet on and it was dark like I’m looking for.

Estate Sale

On our way to Decades we spotted an estate sale sign, so we made an extra stop! This was the last day of the estate sale, so they were pretty cleared out. That meant everything was even cheaper than marked. The house was beautiful as you can see in my OKC video. The home owners were in their 90’s and I think had lived there a long time!

Even better, Kim got on the text list for this estate sale coordinator! Turns out that next weekend they were having an awesome sale by Kim’s house.

Watch Me on YouTube


This was another sign we happened to spot as we were in route to another shop. This was basically the warehouse of an estate sale company. I think they hauled everything that didn’t sell at the estate sales they coordinated to this building. And now they were moving buildings! Almost everything was drastically for sale. Like 90% off!

The Nest, estate sale items that haven't sold.

Room 3 Vintage

Room 3 Vintage was another large mall. The owner said they started with one building and soon expanded next door as it became available. Then the space on the other side of the strip mall became available and they added that to the shop. However to get to that third section you do have to go outside. A firewall prevented them from attaching all three. This mall had a larger outside flea market setup, which I think they call a Bazaar, in the parking lot. It appears this mall used to be called The Feathered Nest Market. 6353 N MacArthur Blvd, Warr Acres, OK 73122

Goodwill & Salvation Army

We visited a couple Goodwills and a Salvation Army. I would say they are pretty comparable to the same thrift stores in the Des Moines area. The one big difference was that they cleaned their upholstered pieces. I’m not sure exactly how they did it and I also can’t remember if it was Goodwill or Salvation Army. BUT…they added a little tag to each piece that said it had been cleaned and sterilized. I wish all thrift stores would do this!!

Broadway Antiques & Market

I can’t find a website to link for this cute little mall, but here is the address 114 S Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034. Sadly we got to this shop just before closing so I did some speedy shopping. I did find some goodies at this shop and probably would have bought more if I had more time. See some pieces I picked up in THIS haul video. I definitely would go back!

A pottery frog collection


The rest of shops in this list were located in Guthrie. It was a Sunday and shops were closed or had limited hours, but we went to as many as we could! It was also the last day of our trip and my memory and notes started to diminish. Because of that I may or may not be remembering things correctly!

Treasures & Books

This shop was a traditional small town long and skinny building with different booths. Online it says they are closed, but they were open when we visited. 114 W Oklahoma Ave, Guthrie, OK 73044

A random photo of inside Treasures & Books in Guthrie OK

Recollections Antique Mall

This was a big mall with a variety of inventory. There were some unique pieces here! 124 N 1st St, Guthrie, OK 73044

Town & Country Antiques & More

This shop had an upstairs as well! And it is right beside a cute chocolate & coffee shop. 115 W Oklahoma Ave, Guthrie, OK 73044

The Heritage Collection

We popped into this shop which was mainly clothing and NFS antiques. 118 W Oklahoma Ave, Guthrie, OK 73044

Magnolia Antique Mall & Wisteria Antique Mall

These two shops are a little bit of a blur. I know one shop we were in was pretty much just furniture and not a lot of smalls. But other than that I can’t remember, sorry! Both of these are on that main drag of Oklahoma Ave. in Guthrie, OK.

A little sink Kim found thrifting


Kim was such an awesome hostess! She even cooked for us! We had a summer salad, quiche, muffins, and even popcorn for dinner. I chuckle at this because I love popcorn and often eat it for a meal. Turns out that Kim and her hubby do that too! And, side note. When we were visiting hubby’s sister we had popcorn for dinner with her too! It must be a thing! Tell me in the comments if you eat popcorn for dinner too!

Travel By Taste

Because Kim was playing chauffeur and planning our antiquing in OKC we had great recommendations for food as well! We told Kim to take us someplace unique. She took us to one of her favorites Travel by Taste 4818 N MacArthur Blvd, Warr Acres, OK 73122. The food was different and very good. They also had an amazing shop area filled with the owners plants! Guy Fieri with Diners, Drive-ins and Dives had even visited their restaurant!

Torchy’s Tacos

This was my first time going to Torchy’s Tacos! It was very good, but I probably should have ordered more! It’s setup more like a Chipotle or Panera, where you walk up to order. Have a number at your table. Then, someone delivers your food to you. I did enjoy the bathroom while I was there! Black toilets!

Black toilet at Torchy's Tacos

Stables Cafe

This restaurant was dark and moody with great vintage decor. It also instantly upset our stomachs😉

Window drawing at Stables Cafe in Guthrie, OK

Daniel Barrett Mathis – Not a Minimalist

My girl Hilary had made friends with Instagram Celebrity Daniel Barrett Mathis @notaminimalist Daniel had recently moved out of an apartment and renovated a ranch home to house his massive collections. He was gracious enough to let us invade his home and give us a tour! Watch the video below for some awesome views or keep scrolling for photos. Daniel is an attorney by day and an avid collector 24/7. His style has had him published in numerous magazines.

See Daniel’s Home

We were also lucky enough to meet Sarisa Munoz of @indigoleopardhome She has a huge Instagram following as well. She’s recently relocated to OKC area. Sarisa is an interior designer and has been on HGTV and published in numerous magazines.

Thank you to Kim for taking the photo. Sarisa Munoz, Daniel Barrett Mathis, Hilary Prall, Brooke Johnson

If you enjoyed this trip then be sure to checkout my most recent trip to Elkhorn Flea Market!

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  1. I was exhausted reading this. Lol we sure hit up a lot in a short period of time. Daniel told me of three great antique malls in Wichita. We should meet up there sometime. The photos and videos are great.

    1. Yes we should!!! I feel like I’ve done nothing but travel this summer!! Hubby has the summer off for the most part and we don’t have anyone playing softball/baseball! Looks like Wichita is 6 hours from here!

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