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Iowa Mid Century Modern Shop Hop

Brandon @heartlandpicker9574 on YouTube reached out to me and said I needed to go on the Midwest Modern Shop Hop. This fun event is coordinated by Iowa Mid Century Modern.

I put the event on the calendar and then as the shop hop got closer, realized that I could go! However, the Home Tour portion of this event had sold out!! Note to self…buy a ticket early! I mean, who doesn’t love looking at houses. And whats better than Zillow, Pinterest and Instagram? Seeing the house in person!!

While I was bummed I couldn’t do the Home Tour, I was still excited to visit some new to me shops! We have almost been in the new house for a year, but I’ve found myself going to the same places and not exploring as much as I thought I would in the big city. There is one shop on this shop hop that I will definitely start frequenting!!! The funny thing is that I drive by it ever week, yet hadn’t noticed it before! And it’s ALL vintage and antiques!!

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Mid Century Shops

AOK Antiques

Watch my YouTube video and you will see that I had a lot of problems finding this brick and mortar. The funny thing is that once I found it you realize how obvious it is! Google Maps was just trying to misguide me!

Atomic Garage

They weren’t open when I walked by, so I didn’t visit this shop. But if you are looking for vintage clothing, this looks like the place to go!

Blind Pig | C&C Decor

This shop was a combination of liquor store and a small sampling of vintage in the back.

This photo was taken in a shop that was not on the shop hop, Memory Lane. It’s an antique shop with multiple vendors. More vintage and antiques than the mid-century modern vibe.

Divine Times Vintage

If you’ve ever heard of me talking about Jenny’s Attic or Brett’s shop, this is the place. Jenny’s Attic closed about the same time we moved to the area. And now Divine Times Vintage is in that location.


This is the place I said I was happy to find and will be visiting frequently!! So cute! Got hubby his Father’s Day gift here too! They also had this little 19 piece children’s Tupperware set! I had one when I was little too!

Funky Finds Vintage & Retro

I drive by this cute shop every time I present at Hello Iowa! However I’m always there before opening hours. This shop is SO cute and even has a basement full of goodies!

Pop-up Market

Down from Funky Finds there was a little pop-up market in a vacant building. I took the dealer list off of the website. My friend Brandon who asked me to come was sat-up here and we got to chat for the first time in person!

Be sure to follow along! I will definitely be purchasing tickets for the Home Tour next time too!!

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