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Let’s Create a Wooden Iowan Flag

While out on a pick, I grabbed this wood cut out of the state of Iowa, and I thought it would be great to paint it as the Iowa flag.

I think originally this was used as either a mug holder or some kind of display because it had a bunch of little hooks on it. When I saw it I immediately thought of 2 things. First that it was ugly 😂 and second that I could use it as a pattern and have my dad cut me out some Iowa’s out of scraps he had!

But when I got it home I changed my mind. Dad did use it to make a pattern, and that pattern hangs in his garage now. I wanted to do something to improve the looks of the wood and decided to paint a flag on it!

I like distressed pieces, so I used this as an opportunity to show one way that you can distress wood and make your paint look like it has multiple layers.

Click on the button below to watch me create this wooden Iowa flag.

Tools and Materials

To create this wooden Iowa flag, you’ll need:

Let’s create this Iowa flag

When I purchased the Iowa cut-out, it was stained dark brown and had some little hooks on it, maybe for keys or possibly coffee mugs? It also was hanging from a chain. I tried with no success to sell it as purchased on one of my Facebook LIVE Sales that I do every Sunday at 7 PM and Tuesday at noon.

Since it didn’t sell, I decided to remove the hooks, fill the screw holes, and paint it white. I figured it would sell at this point, but as I was waiting for the paint to dry I was inspired to make it a patriotic piece. 

Sometimes a piece just talks to me!

I already had some painter’s tape that was nice and wide, so I decided to section off one corner to be blue and white stars and the rest I would adorn with red and white stripes. I placed tape down the entire piece and then removed every other piece of tape to paint red.

Then I sectioned off the corner. I decided to paint the white sections red in this corner to help even out the surface. Then I painted it blue and used my star stencil to fill in stars. This was kind of spontaneous, so I started with medium-size stars, and then I decided it would look better if I filled in the whole thing using the smaller star stencils. Finally, I reconnected the chain for easy hanging, though it could totally be a piece you just lean up against something—either way, I think the piece would look great year-round!

Here is the finished product!

I think this would look good year-round. And I can also envision painting your last name in the center.

Are you inspired to make one? If so, show me how your wooden Iowa flag turns out by tagging me on Instagram @TheJunkParlor.

If you like patriotic decor then your going to love this red, white and blue bunting! Check it out HERE.

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