Make Your Own DIY Bows

The Junk Parlor shares her vintage truck and DIY bow.

For this project Amy from Flower-Tique & Covered in Flour Bake Shop and and I are going to teach you how to make your own bows.  I have my vintage truck outside and I want to put a big, red bow on the grille.  Amy has shown me how to do bows before, but I needed a refresher. 


Step-by-Step Instructions

Make sure you’re using wired ribbon so that it stays in the position you put it in.

Step 1: Start with one loop and leave a tail, a little longer than the loop. 

Step 2: Squish the ribbon together. 

You can make the loop any size you want and that will determine the size of your bow.  If you’re using a one-sided, printed ribbon, twist your ribbon around your fingers and make another loop opposite the first, making sure the pattern on the ribbon is facing outward.  Pretty side up!

Step 3: Make a second loop again on the opposite side and squish it together.

Step 4: Twist the ribbon again and make a loop on the other side again, squishing it under your thumb.  Make sure your loops are even in size and pretty side out as you’re flipping it around.

Step 5: Make a little loop in the middle to cover your wire that you’re going to hold it all together with.  Just make a teeny little loop around your thumb.  And then squish it under your thumb, so you have a little loop in the middle.

Step 6: Take a small piece of wire to bind it in the middle.  I use coated wire, and floral wire also works.  Even a twist tie will work.  Put your wire through the middle of the little loop in the front and twist several times on the back side of the bow to fasten all the loops together.

Step 7: Cut your ribbon to form the second tail.

Step 8: Fluff up the loops however you like it.

Step 9: When we’re doing them for flower arrangements, we put them on little sticks.  Wrap the wires from the stick and the wires on the bow in opposite directions around the stick to secure it.  If you’re not going to poke it in anything, you’ll just have your wires there on the back to hook onto whatever project, gift or craft you like.

In the video, you’ll see Amy breaks off the stick to the right height and sticks it into the foam of the flower arrangement.  You can also trim the length of the tails to whatever length you need.  Use this technique to make bows of all different sizes.  For larger bows, you’ll probably need to make more loops on each side to fill it out, and fewer loops for smaller bows. 

Also, you can make more tails. Some people like having more than two tails. If you want to do this, don’t cut your final tail at the end, but instead, loop it up to the back of the bow. Then, cut the end and finally, cut through that final loop to make a total of four tails.

Make your own and share a picture in the comments or to Facebook and tag me!

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