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I have been blessed with two private picks so far this year! One was with a complete stranger and the other was with a dealer friend. I’m sharing both with you in the videos posted below.

An old ginger bread house the family had saved!!!

90 year olds Home

The first pick was with a complete stranger. I tell you about it in the video, but one of the reasons I enjoy going to someone’s home or the home of their loved one is that I get to take my time and dig through treasures!! I also often end up making friends with the people I meet. I brought home a lot of treasures, so this pick has been split up into two videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Fellow Dealer

In that very same week I got asked to help a dealer clear out some of her inventory! On this private pick I didn’t get any house footage, but I tell you about it!! It was awesome!

For Sale

Everything that is in the video is for sale. Just comment to purchase and I will walk you through the process.

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