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Repurposed Card Catalog into a Night Stand

I used hairpin legs that I removed from a bookcase to upcycle a card catalog and repurpose that card catalog into a night stand. And I’m loving how this repurposed card catalog night stand turned out!

So before the big move, which I talk about HERE. I tried to sell as much inventory as possible. One piece that didn’t sell was this card catalog. I decided to keep this piece to repurpose into a side table, end table or night stand. Where it went and how it was used depended on where other pieces would work in the new home.

It also turns out, that although I/mom thought it would look good in one of the boys’ rooms as a night stand, neither of them wanted “mom’s junk.” They are both into modern features with black, minimal, clean simple lines and low profile beds! And this old card catalog didn’t fit their style. Although the boys didn’t want the upcycled night stand, I decided Matt and I could use it!

Before all is said and done, it might end up in the living room! We purchased a sectional for the new living room and I’m really not sure what I will be using as side tables next to the new sofa. So, who knows! This piece might make the rounds!

View of the card catalog we will use to make the repurposed night stand. thejunkparlor.com

Getting the Right Size

As I mentioned above, I took these hairpin legs off of a bookshelf before we moved. I had actually added them to the bookcase, myself but I knew I was going to sell the bookcase with or without the hairpin legs attached, so I took them off so I could use them on something else. I have added hairpin legs to A LOT of pieces over the years.

This set is 16″ long and just happened to be the right size to add to the card catalog to turn it into a night stand. I would say our bed is average height and I didn’t want the new night stands to be higher than the mattress, but I also didn’t want them to be too much lower. I honestly just lucked out and these were a good size, but if you are ordering yours for a project, then you definitely want to take the height of your over all piece into account when you pick what leg length to purchase. And this style of leg comes in numerous lengths.

Attaching the Hairpin Legs

This was probably the most time consuming part…finding screws the right length. I have a ton of random screws, even after leaving a ton of random screws from my old workshop with my dad or in the trash! We are screwing these legs into the bottom of the card catalog which is not very thick. If the screws are too long, then the drawers won’t work and sometimes shorter ones also have smaller diameter heads to them. That’s a problem because the screw fits threw the hole in the hairpin legs and then you need to find washers so it will actually securely attach the leg.

What we ended up doing was using some black screws, that happened to all match, that were just a little bit too long. They just barely touch the bottom of the bottom drawers. But because I know we won’t actually use the drawers I decided that was fine! We really just need a spot for a clock and a charger. And this allowed me to finish the project and not run to the store! At the old house we didn’t even have drawers, just suitcases stacked, so having two usable drawers would be plenty for us.

View of our old master bedroom with stacked suitcases as the night stand. thejunkparlor.com

If using the drawers was important I could have either found washers to use, or gone to the store for the right length of screw.

Do you use the drawers in your night stands? Tell me below in the comment section!

As you can see in the pictures, we also chose to pre-drill holes. We did this because the card catalog is dovetailed and we were going to be screwing in close to the edge of the piece. To help prevent splitting, we took a little time for this extra step. We did not measure when attaching the legs, just eyeballed putting the legs on evenly around the card catalog.

View of the card catalog with hairpin legs to create a night stand or side table. thejunkparlor.com

Yes, I need a lamp shade! It’s on my to do list because I have two of these vintage brass lamps. I love them and the old textured books on the repurposed card catalog together! I also want to mention our new bedding! In the first picture with the card catalog sitting on the floor, you might notice a hole in our comforter. That hole happened when we washed the comforter one time along time ago. It must have gotten wrapped around something! The old comforter was also heavily faded in spots. Our old master bedroom was all windows, so that comforter saw a lot of sun!

But other than that, the comforter was fine. So, while I was at Target I saw this duvet cover and thought it would match the grey sheets and bedskirt we already have. And I lucked out, it does match! And, I’m so glad I splurged a little and went with this duvet. I think it’s linen and I love the touch and just adding a few layers onto the bed it made our old comforter a little heavier which makes it feel more expensive and I like the weighted feel. Extra weight without purchasing a weighted blanket! This duvet cover also came with two pillow covers!

Completed repurposed card catalog into a night stand. thejunkparlor.com

I also want to mention this glass sphere. It’s actually contains some of Matt’s dad’s ashes and I just love it!

Get the Look

Card Catalog

Hairpin Legs

Duvet Cover

Casaluna duvet cover setting on a bed. thejunkparlor.com

Sheet Set

I’m sharing a corner shot of the sheet set I absolutely love! It has 2 elastic sections on each corner and it guarantees a nice fit and stay in place sheets!

Corner of sheets with double elastic. thejunkparlor.com


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6 thoughts on “Repurposed Card Catalog into a Night Stand”

  1. Hi Brooke!
    I absolutely love the look of the card catalog using the hairpin legs! Your decor style is just stunning! I love everything about it! The glass sphere is so special too!! ❤️

    1. Thank you Jodi! I think I might want to get cremated now, just so I can be carried around in something beautiful!!

    1. I will have to check there for some shades! I know I’m weird and I keep a lot of drawers empty🤷🏼‍♀️.

    1. His funeral was in Jefferson City, Missouri. He was cremated at a local funeral home and they had different options everyone could pick from!

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