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Repurposed Flower Frog Ideas

I love flower frogs! Especially the unique ones! And green ones! And ones that I can use in my displays! Heck, I love them all! So here are a bunch of repurposed flower frog ideas!!!

Call it a blessing or a curse, but I’m aways looking for new ways to use vintage items. When I do LIVE Facebook Sales I love giving ideas on how to use something in a new and different way! Often times I can think of a friend who would also point out the obvious. Like, Brooke, just use it how it was intended! Well her are some ideas for you that don’t include arranging fresh flowers!

Everyday Items

Anything with holes in it is easy to repurpose. That’s probably why no matter what style of flower frog you have, you can use it a gazillion different ways. If something is skinny enough to fit in a hole, then you can display it with a frog! This could even be every day items like pencils, make up brushes, scissors, or recipes. Or, you can use a flower frog just to show off some of your pretties!

Brushes displayed in a glass flower frog

Vintage Collectibles

Trees | Stacks

stack of cage metal flower frogs with hat pins sticking out

Here is a view of a recent estate sale haul! I share what I pick up each week on my YouTube channel, so be sure to follow me there! Each week as I share my haul for the first time, those viewers can also comment to purchase! So if you want First Dibs on my inventory be sure to click that SUBSCRIBE button and tap the bell to get notified when I new video comes out!

I scored 3 metal cage flower frogs. These nested nicely on top of each other which is one thing you can do with flower frogs! Build them up and make a tree! Below is another stack of flower frogs. On this one I added a bulb as a tree topper. Have a small star, beautiful brooch or some little feathers? Use that as a tree topper!

stack of metal spike flower frogs with a bulb on top to make a tree

Hat Pins

I also used the stack of caged flower frogs to display hat pins that I picked up at the estate sale. This way you can fan them out so they are easily seen! But you could “spray” out anything skinny enough to fit in those wholes like corn tassels, feathers, dried stems, paint brushes, etc.

Above I even used a glass flower frog to display some old brushes with long, skinny handles! This way you can see more of them than you could if they were down in a bowl or crock!


I don’t typically have any marbles lying around, but I have a friend who collects them! Guess how he displays his marbles? Yep, on glass flower frogs! The only thing you have to be careful about is paying attention to the shape of the holes on the glass flower frog. Sometimes the glass is more inclined, basically a bigger “hill.” When that happens the shapes of the holes get distorted and they are no longer round. If the holes on the glass flower frog aren’t round then the marbles won’t stay put! So buyer beware if you go out looking for glass flower frogs for your marbles!


old maid cards in a hair pin flower frog

Ephemera is another common way to repurpose a flower frog. The hair pin flower frog above and the metal spike flower frogs work well for this. Ephemera, which I constantly struggle with pronouncing, is just another word for paper items. So, ticket stubs, playing cards, post cards, tags, photographs, literally anything paper that you can slide into the “teeth” on the flower frog.


Feathers are so beautiful to add to your vignettes, but sometimes you just don’t have enough to fill the container. That is when a flower frog comes in very hand! You can put the flower frog inside the container and the frog keeps the feathers beautifully displayed. The frog makes it look like the container is holding the feathers when really the frog is doing the work!

And, you don’t have to keep the frogs inside the containers, they can stand alone as a piece of art too!

Dried Stems

Pretty much using these flower frogs as intended although I think they were for flowers that were alive, not dried! But dried stems, faux stems, you can use all of those!!

Random Bits

glass flower frog with child croquet ball and stakes
glass flower frog with old white darts

Sometimes you have small things that you love, but you just don’t know what to do with them! Lots of people through them in a jar, candy dish, or little bowl, but you can also display them with a flower frog!! I mean how cute is the child’s croquet set pieces! If I had displayed those in a different way you wouldn’t have even seen them!!

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Rare Frogs

Unique flower frog listed on website

This rare flower frog is listed on the website so I didn’t put anything “in” it. Some of these unique ones especially are beautiful on their own and can be displayed as a piece of art!

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