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Do you ever see an antique shop on social media and thank oh my goodness this place looks amazing!!! And then you just never get there? Maybe it’s a few hours away, maybe it’s another state away, but you just don’t make the trip. Well my friend Jacey’s shop, A Beautiful Purpose, is that shop for me. That is until now!!!

Living in Centerville, I put A Beautiful Purpose into Google Maps and traveling to West Branch was just too much of a road trip for me! Three kids in activities, a brick and mortar and two Facebook Live Sales a week, was just a portion of what I had going on at the time. So, I would have to get my fix looking at her social media account and seeing her displays at antique shows. But, the desire to visit the shop never went away

sitting in my truck pointing at A Beautiful Purpose

Once we move to the Des Moines area I again checked it out on my maps. Even though I really wanted to go I just kept finding other things to do instead! Luckily it occurred to me when my son had a football game a couple hours away, that Jacey’s shop should be close by! This would be the perfect time to visit! Boy am I so glad that I did! Yet at the same time disappointed that it has taken me so long to make that trek. Being a small business owner myself and having a brick and mortar for a long time that was a couple hours away from a large population. I know that I relied on people taking a road trip. Yet, I found that I wasn’t doing that myself to help support another small business.

Standing on a green area rug

Better late than never! Now that I do not have the brick and mortar and I am a little bit closer I plan on making more visits to Jacey’s shop. Not only did I pick up a couple things for myself, but I also was just so inspired by her amazing ability to display antiques. She has amazing inventory! Everything from Ironstone and scales, concrete statues, religious items like rosaries and crucifix, even her rugs had me swooning!

cubbies filled with milk glass

She can take anything, including old records, and make them look cool. Please take a few moments to click and watch my YouTube video that is a tour of her shop. Not only do we get to see her beautiful displays, we get to see her beautiful messes, and her beautiful back room.

Shop A Beautiful Purpose With Me

If you are not already following Jacey, at A Beautiful Purpose on both Facebook and Instagram, then you need to do that now!

Antique Inspiration

stack of ironstone wash basins
brass stencils piled on a stack of plates

Jacey had SO many collections. This is one of like 20 stacks of ironstone wash basins. She had massive collections of battery jars, baseballs, crucifix, milk glass, bottles, scales, paintings, books, bibles, architectural salvage, stamps, stencils, records, statues, pots, money boxes, canvases…

Jacey joked that she only buys instant collections now!!

a white column in front of some metal salvage and chippy white barn wood
A view of the brick wall and a patched window possibly

The backdrop of the building is amazing with it’s tall ceilings and brick walls. Jacey has added other awesome textures for backdrops with chippy wood, metal, cabinetry, natural elements and textiles. Probably my favorites because they were green, where some large scale vintage rugs she had!! And, she got them for a steal!

concrete Mary with rosaries layered on her
layered antlers, bowl, carpet, brass

Jacey is a master at layering. She can use everyday items to make them look like pieces of art. At the time of my visit she had just gotten back from a large antique show and was slowly working on getting the shop put back together! So I got to dig through totes and watch her work on creating new vignettes with the items she brought back from the show!

She truly is one to follow and be inspired by! And of course visit her brick and mortar! A Beautiful Purpose at 108 W Main St, West Branch, IA 52358

Brooke, The Junk Parlor selfie with Jacey, A Beautiful Purpose
skeletons with expo markers over an old framed picture of a couple

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