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Repurposing Ideas for your Vintage Junk

When I use the word repurposing, I’m talking about using an old piece of junk a new way. And when I use the word junk, I’m lovingly referring to all of the stuff we have in our homes. So, lets talk about how you can be repurposing your vintage junk.

Repurposing doesn’t have to include tools and a labor intensive product, it could simply mean hanging something on the wall that used to be in a barn. Or filling a chamber pot with flowers. Using a stack of suitcases as a side table.

Every Sunday night at 7pm on Facebook, I go live selling some vintage junk from the shop. While I’m sharing the details, size, price and condition of the piece, I also try to give ideas about how you could repurpose that item.


Repurposing is the most helpful when you fall in love with a vintage item when you are out shopping, but you can’t figure out how you would use it in your home. Traditionally we limit ourselves to only thinking about the items intended purpose, instead of thinking about all the possible uses.

Chippy old doors repurposed. thejunkparlor.com

For example. Above we have an amazing collection of vintage doors with awesome pink, green, and cream chippy paint. Some people might fall in love with the colors and textures, but have no idea how to make that piece work in their home.

Doors can be used as a piece of art by themselves or you could simply add a nail to it and hang a wreath! The wreath could even be swapped out for each season. Checkout some wreaths HERE.

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If you are crafty, you could add a word or quote to the door. You could add a vintage metal clip and hang a picture, unframed art, post cards, bingo cards, etc. The clip is handy because then you can easily change out what you hang. Even hanging a smaller mirror or framed picture on the door is a possibility!

How to repurpose an ironstone pitcher.  thejunkparlor.com

Another item that can be easily repurposed is a pitcher. They aren’t just for drinking! Use it as a vase for fresh or faux flowers. Use it to hold your wooden spoons, a rolling pin, ruler collection, etc. Basically anything that is taller than the pitcher will work!

repurposing boxes at The Junk Parlor

Crates and boxes can easily be repurposed. They are a great way to improve the vignettes in your home because they can change the height of other items in your display. (Learn more about creating vignettes HERE.) They can be filled with smaller collections to make a visual impact. They can be stacked to use as a side table. Hung on the wall to make a shelf. Placed in the center of a table as the base of a centerpiece. So many options!

So when you are out junkin’ and on the hunt for your next find. Remember that if you fall in love with something, you can find a way to make it work in your home! You just have to find a new way to use it! Repurpose!

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