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Small Business Guide to Selling on a Facebook Live

How has this social distancing/quarantine affected your business?

I’m not going to lie, but I feel truly blessed that I started making the transition online last year! Not that I won’t feel the impact of this pandemic, but I will feel it less than I would have a couple years ago.

When I first decided to move my brick and mortar from being open 4 days a month, to moving online, I was a little nervous about other people’s reactions.  I did have people say, I’m so sorry about your business…what!? 

But, it was a strategic move.  Online sales were growing and sales in my brick and mortar were holding steady.  I was getting most of my customers from communities 2 or 3 hours away.

I knew from talking with them that they would purchase from me online and be willing to pay for shipping.  

So, no my business wasn’t failing, it was actually growing!!  A large part of that is due to selling on social media. Over a year ago I started selling during a weekly Facebook Live.  I was terrified at first, but I made myself do it anyway!

I didn’t know how to invoice people, or how to calculate shipping, I didn’t have any systems in place to help me use my time more efficiently.  And I felt awkward on video…kind of like listening to your own voicemail!

But, I did the weekly video anyway.  I learned new ways to ship products cheaper.  I discovered how to sell more product. I got faster and more efficient at my process.  I wouldn’t say that I sound any more intelligent on screen than when I started, but I’m ok at laughing at myself and being myself.

I was and am constantly getting asked questions about selling on a Facebook LIVE.  That’s when I decided people needed a tutorial, a guide to show them how to get from point A to point B.  That way they could make more sales, a bigger profit, and feel more confident faster than I did.

And in this crazy time that we are going through, this is one thing you can do to bring in income!

Get your Guide to Selling on a Facebook LIVE HERE.

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