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Restoring Your Metal Antiques with Hemp Oil

As an antique dealer I buy a lot of rusty items!  Some people love rust and some people, well they want the look without the mess.  One way to revitalize metal pieces with surface rust is to spray it with a sealer, but today I’m testing out hemp oil on metal.

This was not my idea.  When I first purchased these scales I planned on spraying them with a clear coat like I usually do.  But, when I shared a picture of them on Facebook, a follower suggested using hemp oil.  I did have hemp oil in my stash, so I decided to try it!

I have also used WD-40 on wood and metal pieces before.  I am weird and LOVE the way it smells! I figured hemp oil would work similarly.  And it did.

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First I cleaned the scales with a rag and brush.  I was also excited because BOTH of the scales had massive amounts of mud dauber nests inside them.  One scale had a decent hole in the bottom, while the other one had a tiny hole!!! I spent forever trying to get the nests out, yet no amount of shaking, breaking up the nests, or using the shop vac have worked completely.

Next, I used a rag and simply wiped on the hemp oil.  I would suggest letting it set for the day and then coming back with a clean cloth and wiping it down again.  This removes any surface dirt or oils that didn’t get rubbed in or absorbed.

It’s amazing how a little moisture can reveal old advertising and markings that are not visible at first.  A little tip when you are out junkin’…spit on the piece to see if using a clear coat or hemp oil is going to reveal something special.

Get your hemp oil HERE. And be sure to let me know what you think!

Here is another time I used hemp oil on an antique piece, only this time it was wood.

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