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Turn Your Antique Shop Into a Profitable Business

Do you sell antiques or want to? Do you struggle with knowing how to get started? Maybe you’ve been selling for a while, but don’t know where to channel your efforts? Maybe you are selling, but just not making enough profit?

I’ve been there too! That’s why I created Staging Your Antique Shop, a coaching group for antique dealers. If you are looking to enhance your antique shop, generate more sales and improve your skills, this group is for you!

The group opens once every quarter, and the cart is currently closed. Monthly payments of $47.99. You may cancel at any time.

To get on the waitlist, sign up below!

The group is closing at the end of the year!  This will be your LAST CHANCE to sign-up!!!  I will not be accepting any new members after SATURDAY!!

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Ashley Costello

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Weekly Video Lessons
Receive weekly video lessons from me and other industry experts.


Library of 225+ Video Lessons

Never miss a single lesson! My library of 225+ videos feature topics such as Staging, Marketing and Organization.


Private Facebook Group

Get access to the Staging Your Antique Shop private Facebook Group, where you can learn from others and meet a business buddy!


1-on-1 Support

I’ll be here every step of the way to provide you with support, encouragement and advice.

What You'll Learn:

We all become antique dealers because we love old stuff, the history, their character, the craftsmanship. But to run a successful small business you have to do more than just love your product.

This membership group will help you:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you sell antiques or want to sell antiques, then this is the right place for you.

  • Weekly lessons from me and other industry experts 
  • A library of 125+ past video lessons
  • Access to the Staging Your Antique Shop private Facebook Group, where you learn with me and other antique dealers 
  • 1-on-1 support whenever you need it

No worries! As long as you are in the group, you will have access to the weekly videos and can watch them on replay.

Yes! In the group, there is a section called Announcements, and each month I post the topics we will cover there

For this, you have a few options:

  • Option 1 – All of the topics I have covered in the past 2 years are available to you. You can do a search in the Facebook Group or in the SYAS Library on my website to see if I have already covered the topic.
  • Option 2 – I have a monthly Pick My Brain live video session. This gives you a chance to personally ask me questions. Sometimes I think it’s easier to ask and answer orally!
  • Option 3 – You can just post your question in the Facebook Group, and I will answer it. Depending on how lengthy/complex the answer, I may answer it in a Pick My Brain lesson, or I may decide to make it a future topic.

Yes, you can cancel at any time through the website.

Definitely! There are a lot of videos available on staging and I try to go over something new when it comes to creating a vignette each month, but this group is definitely more than that. We talk about organization, time management, shipping, invoicing, social media, inventory, photography and more. I also have guest speakers join the group to share their expertise.

Well, we hire people when we don’t know what we are doing. I go over who I hire when things are beyond my capabilities, and I try to show you exactly what to do in other areas. I also use screen recordings of both my phone and computer to walk you through different technology skills.

I would honestly suggest trying it out for a month. If you sell antiques then it is totally worth $47.99 to have access to over 100 video lessons. If you don’t learn something that will help you make back that $47.99 then I am not doing my job!

For the rest of 2023 the group will run as usual with new lessons presented each week. During January of 2024 the group will slowly start closing depending on when your monthly membership ends. If your membership ends January 12 then you will continue to have access to the group and past lessons (250 lessons) through the 12th. We will have Pick My Brain sessions through that time.