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After I get a big haul, either from thrift shopping or when I’m out on a pick, I like to share it with you. On Facebook and sometimes Instagram, I go LIVE showing you what I’ve found. Sometimes I tell you what I was thinking when I purchased it, or give you ideas on how you could use it in your home. Watching these gets you first dibs on my new finds! On Facebook you can send me a private message with the word LIVE and it will send you a notification in Facebook Messenger letting you know I’m going LIVE.

I do suggest having a budget when you go out picking and also have a mental or physical list of items you are on the hunt for! It’s never fun when you don’t have measurements for that one wall and you find that perfect piece, that just might or might not fit!! I have more tips for thrift shopping that you can read about it HERE and HERE.

Floral print. more at www.thejunkparlor.com

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2 thoughts on “Show and Tell”

  1. Love your videos and you! My husband and I are planning on coming down (from Bettendorf) for the 2020 spring jaunt! Can’t wait! Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Merry Christmas! Thank you so much! I can’t wait for the Spring Junk Jaunt, because that means I will be all moved into my barn!

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