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I’ve made two trips to Des Moines recently, and I have spent a ton of time thrift shopping. I have lots of advice – here are my Top Thrift Tips (say that three times fast)!


Top Thrift Tips

Don’t start with a cart. This is based on scientific testing, if I get a shopping cart, I won’t find anything…no cart, I end up with my hands full of stuff!

Be a savvy shopper. Prices are tricky – sometimes you can find the same thing cheaper new, and many times prices on antiques are inflated. Do your research!

Think before you buy. It might be cheap, that doesn’t mean you need it.

Look the item over. Things in thrift stores could have been boxed up for years, and have probably been shuffled around a great deal. Make smart choices.

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Here are some of my recent finds:

Pink plant stand. www.thejunkparlor.com
Thrift find, copper mugs. www.thejunkparlor.com
Enamelware thrift fine - www.thejunkparlor.com

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6 thoughts on “Top Thrift Tips”

  1. Hi Brooke! I’m relatively new to your account and enthusiastically have joined your group! You may have covered this already but I was wondering what products you to use to clean your various finds? Specifically; wood, metal, glass, china. Or any extra materials that require special products you care to share. TIA

    1. Brooke Johnson

      This topic is actually on my agenda. I’ve shared here and there, but I need to put everything in one place!

      1. We have a great antique/thrift store in McGregor, MN….
        TJ’S DEPOT
        201 Maddy Street
        McGregor, mn
        open May – November
        Thursday thru Sunday 10AM-4PM

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