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We have lived in our craftsman bungalow for 12 years and this is our second laundry room! When we moved this house, we knew that we would add on. Yes, we moved the house! Then, we gutted it, and then we added an addition.

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The Addition

The addition included a master suite and a laundry room. The original laundry room was built in our mudroom. This was the room that you first walked into from the back door. Of course this is the door that we always use! When we built the addition we decided to move the washer and dryer and put built-in lockers in their place. Moving the laundry room made the space a lot more functional. The washer and dryer got moved about 5 feet away and is essentially a hallway to the maser suite addition.

Pretty and Functional

Growing up I had always loved a cabinet my grandma had in her garage. She had moved the cabinet out to the garage when they had remodeled the kitchen. I always knew I wanted to put it somewhere in my house and when we moved the laundry room, it became the perfect opportunity to utilize the cabinet! The cabinet was a weird mix of colors on the inside. I decided stripping and staining it was not worth it, but I didn’t want to use paint either, because I didn’t want it to look new and freshly painted. So, what I ended up doing was decoupaging aged music sheets onto the back of the cabinet. The boards used for shelves had not been painted, so I left those alone.


Watch below for a tour of our vintage laundry room.

Vintage Touches

Owning an antique shop is a good indicator that I like vintage stuff. I wanted to incorporate vintage decor to the space, but I also wanted it to be functional. I opted for glass storage containers and vintage locker baskets to hold bottled items. I added clothes pins, string, an iron, enamel pitchers and a wash board to the cabinet. I also layered a cutting board under the detergent and dryer sheets that we use every day. We use a vintage collapsible laundry basket for our dirty clothes and an old crock as a trash can.

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We do laundry every day! And because this space is more of a hallway than a closed off room, it is extra important for me that it is pretty and functional! Read all about our Speed Queen washer and dryer HERE.

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