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What Cheer Flea Market | Iowa

What Cheer Flea Market in What Cheer, Iowa is a flea market that I go to EVERY time! Well, almost every time. It’s held 3 times a year in May, August, and October. Thursday is the early bird day, with Friday and Saturday as the traditional flea market days. The flea is open on Sunday, but it has became smaller and smaller over the past few shows as dealers are choosing to leave early.

Check out the official What Cheer Flea Market page for all of the official information.

Tips From a Frequent Shopper

As a frequent shopper I will let you know, that while I enjoy going on a Thursday, you will not be able to shop everyone. Not because the event is so large, but rather a lot of the dealers are not setup on Thursday. I typically leave around 3:30pm and there are a lot of vendors just arriving with their trailers at that time.

I actually used to shop this flea market on Wednesday before it officially opened! No, not all of the vendors were there, but I always came home with a truck load…or trailer full. Now that I don’t have a brick and mortar or booth space, I am a lot pickier in what I buy. I don’t need as much inventory, so I don’t come home with as much. I only ship items, so I don’t have the need for a trailer anymore. A lot of dealers/resellers will go on Tuesday and Wednesday but I am happy with showing up on Thursday.

Honestly there is so much inventory, that if you don’t find something, that’s on you!! There are plenty of cool things and great prices. And with some dealers not even showing up until Thursday night or Friday morning, those early shoppers aren’t even seeing those vendors inventory. Basically I’m saying that anytime you go is a good time!

I mentioned this before, but by Sunday a lot of dealers have packed up and left. I know the coordinator is trying to provide incentives for dealers to stick around all day Sunday, but… Know if you go on Sunday there will be empty spaces where people have already left.

General Flea Market Shopping Tips

I have another blog post with my flea market shopping tips, so I won’t go into this in depthly.

Do bring bags and some kind of wagon or cart for carrying your finds.

Do dress in layers. You don’t want to be miserable because you are too hot or cold.

No matter the temperature wear sunblock, a hat, or sunglasses.

Bring water, snacks and hand wipes. (I keep hand wipes in my truck at ALL times.)

Do bring cash, specifically small bills.

Take notes and pictures of items you’ve purchased, their price, and their location if you are going back to pick something up. It’s never a good feeling to be at home or on the road and realize you forgot to pick up something you’ve paid for!

Go to What Cheer with Me

May 2024

Many, many years ago I sat up at the What Cheer Flea Market and guess what!! I bought a booth for May 2024!! Now it has been forever since I have sat up at a show! I currently am going back and forth in my mind trying to figure out if this is a good idea or not! But at $55 a booth I think it’s worth the risk! I will be enlisting my husband and kids to man my booth so I can go shop!😂😂 I am thinking it will be a win, win! So if you go, be sure to look out for me!!

I took a picture of this “money box” which actually has a gum label inside, just to remember the price. I sell a lot of these at $30 each and here it is $35. A lot of shopping as a dealer is also market research so you know what is selling and at what price.

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