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Hilary and I hadn’t taken a roadtrip since OKC, so even though it turned out to be a very cold and windy day, we took a roadtrip to Junkstock!!

Selfie with Hilary in front of the mushroom.

Did you know that I used to set up at Junkstock!! I sat up back when it was located on a dairy farm in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska. It was an amazing backdrop for the event and a fun show to participate in! Eventually the owner of the show purchased land where they could have free reign of the event and property. This moved it a little farther down the road to Waterloo, Nebraska.

I did set up at the new location for it’s very first show. And boy was that trip eventful! I did shows by myself. That meant loading and unloading by myself. And solo travel. On this trip I had a flat tire! Changing a tire is never a fun thing! Especially with a loaded down trailer. I also had to get into the back set of the truck to get the jack and the tool to lower the spare. Easier said than done when I had “tetrised” the back seat full of junk for the show!!

the entrance was lined with drift wood, home made mushroms, pumpkins, fairy gardens
The entrance was lined with drift wood, home made mushrooms, repurposed mushrooms, pumpkins, fairy gardens, etc.

The only blessing in all of this is that I think I had a couple flat tires in the month leading up to the show, so I had at least had practiced changing a tire!!

This event was also like a swamp. It rained and my booth location was in a low spot. For today’s show, my old booth location was now being used for a parking lot. And that is probably one of the best things about the show as a vendor. The owner and coordinator, Sara, is just so good at what she does. Every year seemed to bring up a new, unforeseen, problem. But Sara always had that problem solved by the next show. As a vendor that is very important!

You can also see in the videos and photos, that Sara knows how to put on a show! She has food, music, and ABSOLUTELY amazing displays located throughout the event!

Go to Junkstock with Us | Watch Video

Repurposed Mushrooms

Checkout all of these repurposed mushrooms!! Sara and her team are so creative! These are just a few of what she had on display. There were also a lot of mushrooms made from carved wood. Mushrooms are hot right now, so I can see a lot of people recreating this look!

Junkstock On Instagram

Antique Booths

While I was mainly videotaping while we were at this event, I did take a few photos!

pumpkins, books, and spanish moss stuffed into crates
top view of a demi john for $148
Welcome mat that says hello and a floor of decoupaged book pages
Selfie with Hilary in front of a little tree house
A mum in a concrete urn lined with corn husks
Photo with Hilary, Jessi and myself
old charcoal with a witch hat on the lady
clip board with drank on it
green chippy corbel
horse collar with pretty striped fabric
pumpkin sitting on a chair

If you haven’t been to Junkstock or haven’t been recently, then you need to go! It is definitely a bucklist antique show!! It was a bonus for me because I got to see so many of my dealer friends!! Pictured here is my co-pilot Hilary Prall, then Jessica Richter and Brandon Kimes!

Photo with Hilary, Jessi , Brandon and myself

See My Junkstock Haul

Hilary and I in-front of the giant mushroom

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