DIY Moss Covered Lamp Shade

Pinterest can be dangerous, right? While scrolling I found a picture of a lamp shade hanging that looked like it was covered in moss. That photo was all it took for me to decided to DIY a moss covered lamp shade. Do you like Pinterest too? Follow me.

So one of the rules I have about money saving crafts and projects, is that it’s only money saving if I already have the supplies! Sometimes I have items that need repurposed because that helps them sell. And sometimes I have supplies because of boxed lots I purchase at aucitons. These random things sometimes come in handy for projects. For this project you will need a lamp shade, hot glue, scissors and moss.

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I often use lamp shades in my antique store. I typically deconstruct them. Some deconstruct with a better end look than others! If you’d like to see what I do, check it out HERE.

Lamp shades can be hung from fishing line or twine from the ceiling, preferably bundled in 3’s (see design tips here). I could see them looking great in the corner of a room or out on your deck. I have also used lamp shades as cloches. Basically, using them as a way to highlight the items on display underneath. You can also use them as a base to a glass top to make a cute little side table.

But adding some moss to those plain ones that I have deconstructed was my most recent DIY project. To see another project where I used moss, check HERE. If you need some moss, click HERE.

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