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Oh my goodness! We’ve been in the new house for a year and a half now! And boy, a lot has changed! Checkout my Christmas Home Tour for 2023!

I share my home in a couple videos this year! First I let you help me decorate. That might sound a little weird, but because we’ve only been in the home a short while, I don’t really know how I decorate for Christmas here! None of my Christmas decor has it’s “usual” spot. That can make decorating a little interesting!

Now I did decorate last year. You can watch that little tour HERE. But since last Christmas we have had built-ins installed, added wood floors, and stained them a new color. Those are some big changes to last year!!

After decorating this year, I now have a better idea of what I have and where it fits in this new house. I also now have a good idea of the kinds of things I want to look our for this coming year so that I can use them when I decorate in 2024!!

I’m not writing much in the blog post because I talk all about it in the videos! Be sure to watch the Decorate with Me and then come back to see what I actually ended up with in my Simple Christmas Home Tour 2023!!

Decorate With Me

Antique retail cardboard Santa

Santa found a new spot this year! Be sure to watch the video to see what I ended up doing beside him!!

Watch My Simple Christmas Home Tour

Just A Few Photos of My Home

You may have seen this Christmas tree on social media!! It’s my first Instagram post to ever go viral!! Almost 2 MILLION views the last I checked!! You can watch that reel below from my YouTube channel.

Watch More of My Christmas Shorts

Guest Christmas Home Tours

If you love looking at other peoples homes as much as I do, be sure to checkout these Christmas Home Tours.

Next year I will have to share my mom’s house! I shared a lot of it on Instagram when we were home for Thanksgiving! Here is one cool repurpose from her house! She used a cracker holder to hold her remotes!! I even found one thrifting!


Of course I went thrifting for a lot of my decor AND my gifts this year. Read all about that HERE.

At Thrifty Flea Market on Euclid in Des Moines Iowa standing in front of a primitive Santa

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