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Special Guests Christmas Home Tours

I am so excited to share with you a couple special guests Christmas home tours with you!! I don’t know about you, but I love seeing other people’s homes! Not only do I love seeing their floor plans, finishings, and the bones of the house, but I also like to see the decor!

For both of the homes I am sharing with you today, I physically went and did a video tour of their homes all decked out for Christmas! I hope I was able to capture their awesomeness for you! Both homes have different floor plans, and are decorated differently. However both are absolutely beautiful.

I am sharing my YouTube videos with you as well as some still photos for you to enjoy!

Outside of Hilary Prall's home

First I will be sharing the home of Hilary Prall. Hilary has a ranch home she shares with her husband and 3 pets. This girl is a thrifting queen and lover of vintage! She has so many collections. Some are out on display for us to see while others are still stored away to be shared in a future rotation! Hilary has an eye for display! So while she has a lot of awesome vintage pieces, she also has a knack for displaying those pieces without it being overwhelming.

Rebecca Zoet's This New Old House, outside her house shot

Next up, I visited Rebecca Zoet, This New Old House, for a tour of her gorgeous two story nestled in the country! Rebecca lives with her husband, two kids and dog. Her property is absolutely amazing and they did most of the work on their home themselves!! Not only are they handy, but they also love their hobbies and supporting local small businesses. Her mudroom sink is one of my absolute favorite features!

Be sure to watch Hilary’s home tour HERE and Rebecca’s home tour HERE.

Hilary’s Vintage Christmas Home Tour

Watch The Tour

If you want the details on Hilary’s collections and style, be sure to watch the home tour! Not only do I take you own a tour, but we chat with Hilary about her design style, shopping habits, and even some DIY projects she has done!

If you love Hilary’s style, be sure to follow her on Instagram or Facebook and checkout her current site (new website going LIVE in 2024).

Rebecca’s Custom Christmas Home Tour

Watch The Tour

Be sure to watch Rebecca’s tour to hear us chat about all of the things her family has a hand in!! From building their home to bees, candles and cutting boards!! Rebecca is a true entrepreneur and loves to help other small business grow too! Be sure to watch!

If you loved Rebecca’s home, be sure to go follow her on Facebook or Instagram and checkout her website for her Subscription Boxes!!

I hope you enjoyed both of their home tours! It was so fun sharing them with you!! I hope this inspires you to try something new next holiday season in your own home! Merry Christmas!

Ho! Ho! HO! Be sure to check out my Simple Christmas Home Tour if you haven’t already!!

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