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Thrifted Gift Ideas

Good for the planet and good for the soul! Here are thrifted gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Thrifted can mean NEW IN THE BOX, gently used, or even better vintage!! I challenge you to help normalize thrift store finds as the PERFECT gift this year! Like the Island of Misfit Toys, let’s find all the donations a new home🎁

While we may know that gifting items we have thrifted is a good idea, maybe you are struggling with what to actually pick out! This post should help you with ideas for everyone on your list! AND these are all photos I’ve taken from the thrift store! These are real finds!

I have also included little videos I have shared on social media of even more ideas for those people on your gift giving list!


Step 2 Kitchen

Young kids are probably the easiest to gift! At this age often times they don’t know or care if something is used. Clothing, toys, books, games, crafts and school supplies definitely come to mind as gifts for kids that can easily be picked up at the thrift store! The little kitchen above got snagged up by a parent while I was thrifting today! The kitchen barely looked used! New these are at a minimum $100 and this parent snagged it for $14.99!

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My teenagers really seem obsessed with clothing. That means thrift stores are perfect for some discounted, lightly worn pieces! Think graphic tees, college apparel, name brand clothing and accessories.

At all ages kids have dress up days, but high schoolers seem to consistently need clothes for white out, black out, pink out, and neon. You can grab some perfect pieces for these dress up days on the cheap at the thrift store!

I’m also giving grandma attire it’s spotlight. My husband is a teacher and we chatted about this the other day! He was mentioning how girls come to school dressed like his mom. Like they got in his mom’s closet to pick out a turtle neck and embroidered sweatshirt! Well, those are pieces you can easily find at the thrift store!!

School supplies, crafts, books, supplies for their hobbies, can all be found at the thrift store!

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If you have kids, then you know there is a lot of stuff that comes with having kids other than clothes and toys! You can get all of those things at the thrift store too!

Cards for a party or thank you’s for a gift. Safety gadgets, organizing pieces, and even baby essentials can all be found thrifting!

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Have a gardener in your family? You can find anything from little flower pots, herb gardens, to outside tools and gadgets for your yard! You can see a lot of what I found was new and never used, but you can also find a lot of well used items that still have a long life left! They just don’t make things as durable as they used to!!


When you are just starting out, you could use anything from home decor, to basic kitchen items, stuff for your hobbies, and the basics like towels and bedding. You can seriously find all this and more at almost any thrift store!

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I don’t know about you, but I seem to drink more around the holiday’s than any other time of year! You can find some fun glasses, decanters, and bar sets thrifting. You will even find gadgets you didn’t know existed like this shot glass filler!!

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Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram we see lots of creative inspiration everywhere we look! But those DIY projects can get expensive. Save yourself even more money and pick up those craft supplies at the thrift store!

Tough “Guy” Stuff

Sometimes thrift stores come to mind easily for the women in your life. Or even just the bakers, writers, and creators. But there are heavy duty things at the thrift stores too! Anything from power tools to shop lights, bolt bins to nail sleeves, car parts to new light fixtures! So you can find something for those people in your life who like to me in the garage or outdoors!

Pet Parents

Just like with kids, pets require a lot of things! I literally just bought Bella a new dog bed from the thrift store! Dog bowls, leashes, grooming items, and costumes can be found for your pets at the thrift store!

our dog Bella in her new bed

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