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Creating the look of concrete. DIY inspired by My Vintage Porch

So, while wasting time on Instagram I found Natalie at My Vintage Porch created some concrete looking pots from some terracotta pots.  I had a ton of pots, some newer that didn’t have any awesome patina…so, I thought I’d give it a whirl.  You can watch my video HERE.

Here are some shots too… basically you add wood joint compound to your pots with a scraper.  Let that dry and then use different colors of paint to create even more dimension.  I found that I like the look best when I blended the paint colors while they were wet on the pot.

the junk parlor, diy, how to, garden, pots, planters, concrete
Here I have added the joint compound to the pots.
pots, planters, garden, diy, how to, concrete, the junk parlor
I wanted my main color to be light grey, so I pretty much covered the pots completely.
the junk parlor, pots, planters, diy, how to, concrete, garden
Here I used some leftover paint…I just globbed it all over, so I could use a rag to blend it.
paint, diy, how to, concrete, garden, planters, the junk parlor, pots
The finished look…all pots have a little variance depending on what paint colors dominated.
shop, the junk parlor, diy, how to, concrete, garden, planters, pots, finished
Styled in the shop.

Checkout what I’ve done more recently with terra cotta pots HERE.

3 thoughts on “Creating the look of concrete. DIY inspired by My Vintage Porch”

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    1. Hi! Sorry I’m just seeing your question! Paint is dry in the last photos. I did A LOT of pots, so it could be that they look different due to being different pots in the last picture versus the one before that. It could also be the lighting!!

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