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If you are joining me from Kristin at White Arrows Home, welcome! I don’t know about you, but her cabin and decorating style makes me want to move to the northwoods! Today on the blog I’m sharing my Thrifting with the Gals adventure!

Who doesn’t love a good thrifting day…ESPECIALLY when you get to go with friends! I was honored to be asked to be the guest thrifter in the Thrifting with the Gals group! They go together ever Wednesday over on Instagram and then blog about their finds each month too!

Who are the Thrifting with the Gals? Ann at Dabbling and Decorating | Kristin at White Arrows Home | Kim at Shiplap and Shells | Stacy at Brick’s & Blooms | Rachel at The Pond’s Farmhouse

Instagram Highlights

Want to watch the highlights of my thrifting adventures with the gals? Click on the picture above to see the highlight from Instagram! (PS In order to view this one, you will need to be logged into Instagram)

Thrifting as a Reseller

As an antique dealer who is often times going to be reselling my finds from the day, I definitely tend to shop a little bit differently than most people who are just buying for their own homes. Here are some of my top thrifting tips.

I have learned over the years that a girl can only have so many projects, so I really try to limit what I buy for my to do list! Because lets be honest, sometimes things sit in waiting… for years! So, my focus when thrifting is to buy old cool junk that I can bring home and quickly sell for a profit. Each week on Facebook I host a LIVE SALE. Actually two LIVE SALES.

Sunday at 7pm CST and Tuesday at noon CST. This has been a great way for me to quickly sell my recent finds and to connect with my customers. Sometimes I buy project pieces to sell to someone else to actually execute! The great thing about selling on video is that I can tell you what I would do with an item. How I might use it for decor or how I might repurpose it!

DIY Projects

Giving other people ideas on using junk in their home is one of my favorite things about the job, even though I sometimes don’t actually get to do the project! At least I know the items are going to a good home and will be used in some way!

Thrift with me

I normally do a little video taping whenever I go hunting for junk. The day I joined the Thrifting with the Gals group I did a little extra recording because…I had a $50 gift certificate to spend at one of my favorite Flea Market Shops in Des Moines, Iowa! Would you like to know my favorite spots? Get the list HERE.

At one of my favorites each time you spend $50 they put your name into a drawing. I normally spend quite a bit more than $50 so I get to fill out multiple entries and this month I got selected as the winner!!!

What do you think I found with my winnings? Trust me you’ll be surprised, because I was!

That’s how thrifting works, right! Sometimes you find something you’ve been looking for or fall in love with. Sometimes you don’t have enough room in your truck for all of your finds and sometimes you spend the day out only to be able to find a couple things that fit in your hand!

I’d love to here about your recent thrifting haul!

Next up on the tour is master gardener Stacy at Brick’s & Blooms she is literally a garden coach! If you know me, then you know that I kill everything, so I will droll over Stacy’s spaces with admiration and jealousy. Ha! Let’s see what she found thrifting!

Thrifting with the Gals Blog Tour

Stacy at Brick’s & Blooms
Rachel at The Pond’s Farmhouse
Kim at Shiplap and Shells
Kristin at White Arrows Home
Ann at Dabbling and Decorating

8 thoughts on “Thrifting with the Gals”

  1. Hey Brooke! I’m so glad you joined us this month! I love your videos! You have some great ideas that are really inspiring. It was so nice to meet you and look forward to thrifting with you again! xo

    1. Thank you for having me!! Your home is so beautiful and I appreciate you taking me Thrifting with the Gals!

  2. Brooke,
    I love reading your tips and learned so much. I need to be selling some of my junk but find that if I buy it, I fall in love with it. LOL.
    Thanks so much for joining us this Month.

    1. That is definitely a hard part of the job! I tend to have an empty house because I sell everything! I can’t make money if I keep everything! 😉 Thanks for letting me go thrifting with you!

    1. Thank you for asking me and being so patient with me!! This was such a great experience!

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