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Using Vintage Christmas Miniatures

I’m always finding little vintage Christmas miniatures in boxes I pick up at auctions or when I’m out pickin’. Sadly, if someone doesn’t buy them up as is, I never know quite what I should do with them. As part of my 25 Days of Christmas Series I am using vintage Christmas miniatures up in a lot of my projects! Thank you Pinterest for giving me a few ideas to get me started.

First, I gathered the little vintage Christmas items I had. Then, I grabbed little Christmas things I had in my stash, even if they weren’t vintage. And then I started gathering things that could frame out or hold these vintage miniatures.

With the help of a hot glue gun and an imagination, I started laying out what items I thought paired up well together. I threw the rest back in the supply box!

Here is what I came up with…

Use these as part of your home decor, as Christmas ornaments, or even as an embellishment on a gift!

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