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Create a DIY Grapevine Nest

Let’s make a DIY grapevine nest for Spring! This DIY is the perfect way to add a little bit of nature to your home!

Grapevine is fun to decorate your home with, but it is also great for DIY projects. This project is no exception! I had extra grapevine in my stash and knew it would be perfect to make a nest with. Nests make great natural and neutral home decor for the spring and summer months!





Hot Glue Gun

Wire or Zip Ties

Need a visual? See the process of creating this DIY grapevine nest in the video:


To start making your DIY grapevine nest, you need to prep the grapevine. To do this, I used my clippers to cut it into smaller sections. I cut it down simply to make it easier to work with. The thinner pieces of grapevine are much more flexible and it will save you a lot of frustration as you try to create a circular nest shape with your grapevine.

If your grapevine is particularly stiff, you can make your grapevine easier to work with by soaking it. If you are planning to soak your grapevine, you will want to soak it overnight. Depending on how large the grapevine you are soaking is, you can use a bucket, washtub, or even your bathtub. Use hot water, and fully submerge the grapevine in the water. You want it to stay fully submerged the entire time, so make sure that you use something to weigh it down.

PS. I didn’t learn this tip until AFTER I had made my nests!

When you are cutting down the grapevine into smaller sections to use for your nest, don’t cut it straight across abruptly. You want it to look very natural, so cut the pieces off at various lengths. Remember, the less grapevine you use during this next part of the process, and the thinner it is the easier it will be to create a circular shape with your grapevine.

Build the Nest

Once you have a workable amount of grapevine ready, create a circle. Overlap the grapevine and secure it with wire or a zip tie. The first time I did this I used wire to secure my grapevine. The next time I used a zip tie. The zip tie was a lot more difficult to work with than the wire was in my experience. The added benefit to the wire is that it is a little bit easier to camouflage as you create your nest, especially if you use green floral wire!

You will have pieces of grapevine sticking out around your circle. Take them and begin tucking them in to give your nest even more definition. The thin flexible pieces will tuck easily but the thicker pieces most likely will not. To fix this, I broke off or cut off the thicker grapevine twigs.

Continue to work your way around the next tucking and breaking off twigs when necessary. After your nest has taken shape, you will use the moss to cover the bottom and disguise your wires. The moss that I am using is kind of like steel wool, but it is green on one side. You will want to use a few dots of hot glue to secure the moss on the nest.

This moss works perfectly for the bottom of the nest. You could also use burlap if you have that on hand. In the past, I have used cardboard as a bottom for a nest. It isn’t as natural looking as the moss, but it will work if you are in a pinch. I went with the moss this time because I wanted my nest to look natural on all sides. After you have your moss placed, secure it with a few dots of hot glue. 

Make it Look Natural

After placing my moss, I used a hot glue gun to place foraged leaves and extra twigs around my nest. You can also take longer twigs and twist them into place on the nest to enhance the circle shape of your nest. This step will also help further disguise any wires that were used to build the nest. This is where your artistic eye comes in! Try to make your nest look as natural as possible!

After I finished, I turned it over and dumped any excess material that was still loose in the nest. I then gently made an indention in the middle of the nest so the egg would have a place to rest. Need some eggs for your nest? Check out some of my egg projects: DIY Twine Eggs, DIY Doily Covered Eggs, or DIY Decoupage Eggs.

Styling your DIY Nest

To style your DIY nest using grapevine, put it on a pedestal or riser with an egg. Another cute way to style it is under a cloche! Follow this tutorial to make a Garden Fence Cloche for your nest! Bonus if your riser fits under the cloche too! If you have some feathers around, those would be a nice touch as well! 

DIY Grapevine Nest

Make your own nests to use in your spring decor using grapevine
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time15 minutes
Course: Craft
Yield: 1 nest
Cost: 10


  • 1 pair clippers
  • 1 hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • 1 or more sections of wire or zip ties


  • 1 strand grapevine
  • 1 sheet moss
  • 1 handful leaves


  • Prep the grapevine by cutting it into smaller sections and possibly soaking over night
  • Take a section of grapevine and create a circle to make the basic shape of your nest
  • Secure the grapevine using either wire or a ziptie
  • Tuck in loose pieces of grapevine, continuing to create a circular nest shape. Break off the pieces of grapevine that are too stiff or thick to tuck in.
  • Add moss to create the bottom of the nest and add some color. Use dots of hot glue to secure if necessary.
  • Using hot glue, add extra twigs, foraged leaves and bits of moss to disguise any wires or zip ties.
  • Create an indent in the middle of the nest for an egg to sit in


Style with eggs, in a bird cage, under a cloche or tucked in with some terra cotta pots.

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