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Projects do not have to be expensive or time consuming to make a big impact in your decor. Today’s 25 Days of Christmas project is a perfect example. I had a cute red and green tobacco tin and I put a tree in it!


Changing out the pot that a plant comes in or adding one to the standard plastic one, can totally change your space. Your plant looks better in its new container and you get to repurpose something you love.

In the video I used a small tin can, but decided it was too tall, so changed it out for a plastic lid. That put the plastic container the tree came in at the same height as the tobacco tin.

There’s also no easier way to add a Christmas touch to your home than to put a tree in everything! Tada…insta Christmas.

25 Days of Christmas

Bottle Brush Tree Bases

Jar Lid Snowman

Vintage Miniatures

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