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Simple Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

Do You Have TONS of Scrabble Tiles? Make a super simple Scrabble tile Christmas tree with me!

In my shop, I have a huge apothecary jar filled to the brim with scrabble tiles! Naturally, they are easy to grab for projects.  I first saw this project at Junk Jubilee in Des Moines and I knew I could easily make a tree out of Scrabble tiles since I have so many!

Craft along with me:


Scrabble Tiles

At the beginning of the month, we had laid out a bunch of scrabble tiles that spelled out Christmas-y words. I used the reindeer names for another scrabble tile project earlier this month to make my DIY Reindeer Scrabble Board. But I still had a bunch left out, so I figured we should use them up!

I am going to be putting my scrabble tiles into the shape of a tree, so I had to spend some time working on the layout and making sure that I had Christmas words in different lengths to build the tree. The words I ended up using were ho, elf, snow, merry, grinch, Rudolph, December, Christmas, and joy.

If you are missing letters, no worries! You could take a blank scrabble tile and stamp it on!

Tree Trunk & Tree Topper

The words for the tree weren’t too difficult to come up with, but troubleshooting the trunk took me a little bit of time. At first, I thought about using number tiles for the number 25, since Christmas is the 25th. In the end, I did not go with that because they were a different type of tile that was thicker than my scrabble tiles and I didn’t like the look. I thought about using Fa La La to create a longer trunk but I didn’t really like that either. Finally, I ended up choosing the word joy for my trunk because I liked the look of it the best!

The tree topper was another challenge in this project. I wanted to use an asterisk at the top as a star but I couldn’t find one. Then I thought maybe an X, or even the letter A (I thought it would mimic the point of a tree). I also thought about taking a blank scrabble tile and drawing a star on it. If you don’t have a blank scrabble tile, you can flip any unused tile over and use the back!

Another thought I had was using an item as a star– a bell, a small wood start, a clip earring, a bow made out of burlap. You get the idea!

For my project, I did end up choosing the letter A for the top!


I had to find something to mount my project to. I didn’t want to cut anything or ruin anything. After looking through my stash and found the back of an old frame. Now as backing in picture frames,  people use cardboard or paper. People used to use a thin piece of wood to trap the picture in the frame.

The piece of wood backing that I had is very textured and that is ok with me. I evaluated which side I wanted to use, one side is darker in color and one is lighter. In the end, I picked the lighter side of the backing.



Taking my piece of wood backing, I used my ruler to guestimate where the halfway point is and used a pencil to put a small mark to remind me of where the middle is. Then, I drew a straight line all the way across so I could keep my project lined up. If you don’t want to use a pencil, painter’s tape would work as a guide too!


I then grabbed my hot glue gun and got to work! I started with the middle letter of joy, the O, for my trunk. Remember– No pressure! If it gets messed up as you are working on your project, the hot glue will pop right off and you can try again!

Once I had joy glued down, I took the middle three letters from Christmas and put those into place on top of joy to keep everything lined up! I kept building up from there, using the middle letters each time. 

I found that it was easiest to put down a dab of glue and then press the scrabble tile into the glue. Another thing to keep in mind is making sure that you get the scrabble tile number on the bottom so that way you don’t have upside-down letters!

Finishing Touches

This could easily be propped up on a shelf as it is, but if you wanted to hang it you could drill holes at the top and add wire or ribbon to hang it up.

Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

A fun and easy holiday DIY for those of you with an abundance of Scrabble tiles!
Total Time1 hour
Course: Craft
Cost: $20


  • Scrabble Tiles
  • Board/Something to glue tiles on
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue


  • Pick out words to use for your tree, and lay them out so you can make sure you are getting a tree shape.
  • Choose something to glue your tree to.
  • Using your ruler and pencil, find the middle point of your chosen backing so you can center your tree.
  • Using your ruler and pencil again, create a straight line across where you want the bottom of your tree to start (this is going to help you keep everything lined up).
  • Glue down your tiles, keeping them centered and flush with each other.
  • Add your topper of choice.


My 25 Days of Christmas DIY has flown by this year! There are only a few more projects left, don’t miss out! Join me on my Facebook as I go live every day up until Christmas with a new project!

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